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At MeetDistrict, we have the perfect meeting space for you.


Organising a meeting is easy and quickly done. We have meeting rooms for every occasion: quick collaborations, team meetings, client presentations or board meetings. All you have to do is book a space and invite your guests. We'll take care of the logistics.


Your guests will receive an email invitation with all the information they need. Our locations are easily accessible and offer ample parking. The FrontDesk sets the tone for an effortless experience. Guests easily register at the kiosk, after which you are immediately notified.


With good wi-fi, ideal comfort conditions and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, nothing stands in the way of a successful meeting. To save energy and reduce CO2 emissions, we furthermore make sure to turn everything off when you're done.

Meet at the best locations.

60 PrivateOffices
46 MeetBoxes
77 flexible workstations
8 BreakOut Rooms


Planet Group Arena

45 PrivateOffices
29 MeetBoxes
30 flexible workstations
3 BreakOut Rooms



34 PrivateOffices
17 MeetBoxes
36 flexible workstations
4 BreakOut Rooms



22 PrivateOffice
20 MeetBoxes
42 flexible workstations
3 BreakOut Rooms
BrainStorm Room



"MeetDistrict for me, is my home away from home. Even if I'm the only Penneo in the office I never feel alone. It's not only the nicest location I ever worked at, it's also a great place to meet new people and grow your business."

Werner Temmerman
Senior Manager Penneo Belgium

"MeetDistrict for us is more than just a coworking space; it's a welcoming place with Community Hosts who go the extra mile, ensuring peace of mind as they take care of everything, allowing us to concentrate on our core job."

Sandrine Schaumont
Vialto Partners Belgium

"MeetDistrict is an exemplary co-working environment that strategically aligns with the evolving landscape of an activity-based work culture. Its dynamic spaces and collaborative infrastructure exceed the requirements for the new generation of professionals, making it an ideal hub for fostering innovation and adaptability to our daily operations which translates into a better service for our customers."

Daniela Theisinger
Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom Global Business Belgium

"MeetDistrict. 3 years ago... a single table in a shared office. Now... 5 sunny offices full of Loopers. Scaling in hyper-growth involves a lot of challenges. And worries. At MeetDistrict a lot of those worries were taken away by their amazing hosts; coffee is always warm, offices and common areas are always super clean, internet never disappoints, there's fun and cosy activities throughout the year and that's not even taking into account the nice little extras like comfortable chairs and note blocks that are never out of stock. Really grateful that we can count on solution-oriented mindsets. Even for last minutes. Our Loopers just love the warm nest that MeetDistrict is for us."

Bas Moeyaert
People & Culture Manager at Loop Earplugs

"MeetDistrict... what to say? From the first moment we visited, till today, we keep being amazed by the vibe, the atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and the numerous initiatives. Every single visitor we had has expressed the same sentiment ... "wow!". So don't take our word as your client, but the word of our clients and visitors: "this is a nice place to work".

Joan Van Loon
Managing Director at IBM CIC Belgium

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